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“The greatest deed you can do not only for others,

but also for yourself is to lead with giving”

- Quincy Harris








The mission of Q Cares is to improve the quality of life in underserved communities specifically through resource distribution, educational enrichment, and community partnerships.


Founded in 2019, Q Cares was created to impact the individuals who live in our communities that are most in need.  As an organization, we pour back into families and students by providing motivation, through partnerships with individuals and businesses in the community.  We provide a platform, visibility, and outlet for the voiceless. We share our blessings with the often neglected communities and encourage other organizations to do so as well.  Through representation and advocacy, Q Cares assist the members in these historically underserved communities in seeing past their current circumstances and viewing the great potential which exists in us all.


In a single year, Q Cares generated over $15,000 through fundraising from his various connections with the community.  During a single event, Q Cares distributed over 3,000 backpacks to students, numerous food vouchers, and several unique gifts including tickets to Eagles games. If this is what was accomplished in year is endless what we will be able to contribute in the years to come!  

Recap Video

“Healthy Attitude Campaign"

with Superbowl Champion and Eagles Safety Rodney McLeod and Quincy Harris,

Founder of Q Cares.


We all want the same things for our children – for them to be healthy and thriving while in school. If students don’t feel well, can’t read the board because of vision problems, or need dental care – they will have difficulty excelling in the classroom.

We want to help and be on the prevention side of these challenges, Q Cares is teaming with Eagles Safety Rodney McLeod and the Student Health Impact Project to visit schools this Fall to talk about the importance of health and wellness, vision care, dental care, even behavioral health! Plus, we’re bringing free dental and vision screenings to all participating schools. Every enrolled student will receive a free dental cleaning.

Rodney McLeod and I will bring entertainment, special giveaways, concert tickets, Eagles tickets and more to your school during the assembly.


The only catch is: We don’t want to waste vital services, so we need parents to sign the consent forms if your child needs the services, and teachers to help get students signed up for this free program with myself, Rodney McLeod and Student Health Impact.

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