Who Is Quincy Harris?

Host, media expert, brand influencer, and public speaker- Quincy Harris is vocal, witty, entertaining and on his way to the top. He has been a trailblazer from coast to coast in the radio sector for 15 years and has worked with some of the best entertainers in the media industry from Wendy Williams to Los Angeles’ Big Boy’s Neighborhood.

Quincy is a content provider, social media expert, and most notably, The Host of The Q, a daytime talk show on WTXF Fox 29 Philadelphia.

Quincy has produced and acted in independent films, such as Exit Strategy, released in 2012. He has future goals of producing more movies and television shows under his production company, Germantown Entertainment.


The one thing people love most about Quincy is his authenticity. His conversations are honest, insightful and motivational. Quincy’s ability to connect with people, especially young adults, has always been his strength. His background in radio, television, and comedy hosting makes him a natural at making heavy topics, such as life’s challenges, funny and relatable. Quincy’s presentations are interactive and personable. They challenge students to seek out opportunities, push through adversity when it comes, and to be conscious about building their brand as they begin their career life.  The much-needed topics of discussion spark ah-ha moments and increases self-awareness. Quincy is a very funny guy, so when he speaks about these serious topics, he unfolds them with humor. Students are engaged from start to end.

Speaking Topics:

Here are Quincy’s most popular talks:

Social Media 101: Building Your Personal Brand Starts Now

As a public figure with over 20 years experience in the entertainment industry, Quincy is an expert in using social media. He consistently ranks top 5 in social media usage amongst his media colleagues in the Philadelphia area. His online content is funny, informational, and always timely.

This interactive speech will be full of chuckles from the audience as Quincy unveils his 7 Rules of Using Social Media. The gems in this speech will enlighten students by making them think deeply about what they publish online. It will allow them to see the bigger picture- how social media plays into the hiring process of companies, building meaningful connections with virtual mentors and inspirational figures, and the intentional use of social media.

Pushing Through Adversity

Adversity is something that every person will face more than once in his/her lifetime. Quincy Harris knows this all too well. From the very start of his career in entertainment to moving to a different coast and losing his mother- Quincy has faced and still continues to meet adversities head on with determination.

In this keynote speech, Quincy will share his three key principals to career success and why it is so important to use determination to push through adversity. Quincy will share his own personal journey through life’s challenges and being intentional about his decisions and focusing on his vision of success.

Each Speaking engagement is one hour long and includes a question and answer segment.

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